Friday, June 19, 2015

OCM BOCES student awarded bronze medal in competitive art exhibition

Megan Kinney, an OCM BOCES STARS student and a junior at Westhill High School, was recently awarded a bronze medal for her three-dimensional artwork in the 43rd Annual Teenage Competitive Art Exhibition at Syracuse's Community Folk Art Center.

Megan received her honor at the exhibit's opening ceremony held on Saturday, May 30. Her creation, "Pumpkin," was on display with the exhibit through June 13.

"Megan has excelled as an art student and is planning on pursing art in college ... possibly at a two-year college first and then transferring," says Pam McNabb, Megan's art teacher in the STARS program.

Megan has been a student in the OCM BOCES STARS program for the past two years. She is pictured at the May 30 exhibit opening with her parents, Emmett and Tammy. Congratulations and great job, Megan!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

BOCES Reach students hold cultural celebration at Wegmans

On Friday, June 5, students and staff in the OCM BOCES Reach program partnered with Wegmans in Liverpool to present a cultural celebration in the store's restaurant cafe. Students worked groups of seven, each responsible for presenting a different country. The project tied together the students' work from their social studies, health and English language arts classes.

In social studies, students were learning about immigration and the "push" and "pull" factors for people coming to America from different countries. In ELA, students had been researching the social, economical, and political situations during different
immigration periods. In health class, students were learning about nutrition. Staff at the school decided to use the opportunity to partner with Wegmans for a cultural celebration as a way of showcasing their work.

Each group analyzed primary sources and created a presentation on the country they chose to study. For the celebration, staff at Wegmans provided food samples for each country, which were presented with the corresponding country's student-created display, and given out free of charge to attendees.

"It was a great opportunity to partner with Wegmans so that students could really get a taste of what they were learning," says Reach program social studies teacher Marc Cizenski. "China had chicken and broccoli, Italy had linguine with sauce, Germany had spaetzle, Poland had pierogi, and Ireland had shepherd's pie.  It was truly an amazing event. Wegmans was absolutely outstanding and our students did a great job."

265 CNY high school students earn NYS CTE endorsement

More than 250 students from the 23 component school districts of Onondaga-Cortland-Madison BOCES have earned the distinction of receiving a New York State Career and Technical Education (CTE) Endorsement on their 2015 high school diploma. Earning a CTE Endorsement is considered a distinction of honor. Having achieved the designation demonstrates a student’s academic strength and signifies their readiness to enter the workforce or enroll in college.

“Earning a CTE endorsement is a complex process, requiring a student’s excellence in their field of study, as the tests are developed according to industry standards and the endorsement signifies that students have attained the necessary entry-level technical skills,” says OCM BOCES District Superintendent Jody Manning.  “In New York state, students who wish to earn a CTE Endorsement must meet rigorous requirements, including passing nationally recognized tests in their field of study.”

Students must take and pass both written and performance exams, which can be norm-based, requiring students to achieve higher scores than are typically accepted for passage. Performance exams are observed and scored by field experts not affiliated with the educational institution.

Students who pass the test demonstrate competence in their specific trade area and their readiness to meet the high standards of employment, or entrance into a secondary education program, in their field of study. To achieve the endorsement, students must also meet a number of additional standards including: passing their CTE course, completing approved work-based learning experiences, passing national assessments, completing 22 graduation credits, achieving passing grades on five Regents exams (or approved alternatives) and meeting all high school graduation requirements.

The following is a complete listing, by school district, of the 265 students who earned CTE endorsements this year. Their OCM BOCES program of study is listed in parentheses.

Baldwinsville Central School District: Fay Coffey (Physical Therapy), Kevin Collins (Computer Technology), Joseph Fiorini (Automotive Collision), Timothy Floess (Graphic Communications Technology), Eva Korczakowski (Cosmetology), Melissa Kraus (Early Childhood Education), Destinee Luciano (Cosmetology), Skyler Lyons (Culinary Arts), Meghan McVicker-Lagoe (Physical Therapy), Frank Mento (Automotive Technology), Samantha Nieciecki (Cosmetology), Connor Oakes (Laboratory Technology), Timofey Ososkalo (Construction Technology), Lucas Phillips (Culinary Arts), Clinton Pierce (Automotive Technology), Andreana Reed (Culinary Arts) and Skye Stevenson (Cosmetology).

Cazenovia Central School District: Seamus Ahern (Pastry Arts), Holly Eberle (Culinary Arts), Caitlin Goodfellow (Culinary Arts) and Margaret Hodinger (Cosmetology).

Chittenango Central School District: Matthew Bixby (Automotive Technology), John Doris (Automotive Collision), Jacob Fair (Laboratory Technology), Jacob Fields (Culinary Arts), Lucas Fuller (Graphic Communications Technology), Ronald Kingsley (Automotive Technology), Anthony Lozipone (Culinary Arts), Alexander Miller (Automotive Technology), Kenneth Misercola (Automotive Technology), Grace Nicholas (Health Occupations), Ashley Price (Cosmetology), Ericka Stanhope (Health Occupations), Christopher Stastny (Automotive Collision), Cody Stucker (Automotive Collision), Mikayla Switzer (Culinary Arts), Delvin Williams (Culinary Arts) and Brandon Zaccanelli (Graphic Communications Technology).

Cincinnatus Central School District: Melanie Cass (Cosmetology), William Farrow (New Vision Environmental Science), Kylee Gardner (Cosmetology), Chelsea Gerrard (Health Occupations Technology), Keaton Hotaling (Welding Technology), Madison Knickerbocker (New Vision Environmental Science), Daniel Ludwig (New Vision Environmental Science), Collin McKee (Welding Technology), Matthew Monroe (Automotive Collision Technology), Sydney Sherman (Welding Technology), Jeffrey Stith (Welding Technology), Dalton Sudbrink (Welding Technology) and Dylan Teichert (Automotive Collision Technology).

Cortland Enlarged City School District: Sherida Artis (Health Occupations Technology), Shaniqua Artis (Health Occupations Technology), Chace Bentley (Construction Technology), Hannah Blanchard (Cosmetology), Chelsea Breed (New Vision Medical Professions), Brooke Campbell (New Vision Medical Professions), Caitlin Donahue (Cosmetology), Zack Felix (Computer Technology), Kenna Hartmann (New Vision Medical Professions), Kasey Kabanuk (New Vision Environmental Science), Alizabeth Knout (Health Occupations Technology), Bogdan Kostiv (Welding Technology), Lyudmila Levitskaya (New Vision Medical Professions), Rebecca Mathewson (Health Occupations Technology), Danielle Mathewson (Health Occupations), Deirdre Monroe (Cosmetology), Hunter Moore (Graphic Communications), Nicole Nichol (Health Occupations) Gavin Overbaugh (Automotive Technology), Logan Root (Automotive Technology), Joshua Rzepka (Graphic Communications),  Nikolai Tubbs (New Vision Environmental Science), Patrick Turner (Automotive Technology), Samantha Underwood (Health Occupations), Andrew Wheelock (Automotive Technology), Justin Wing (Computer Technology), Kaleb Wingard (New Vision Environmental Science), and Ryan Woodin (Automotive Collision).

DeRuyter Central School District: Michael Booth (Automotive Technology) Jack DeCicco (Automotive Technology), Jack Fink (New Vision Environmental Science), Cory Marshall (Construction Technology), Travis Newton (Automotive Collision), Courtney Randall (New Vision Medical Professions), Veronica Stanton (Health Occupations), Zachary Way (Construction Technology), Zachary Wheeler (Automotive Technology), Daniel Wood (New Vision Environmental Science) and David Zinn (Automotive Technology).

East Syracuse Minoa Central School District: Dante Clapp (Graphic Communications).

Fabius-Pompey Central School District: Evan Ambrose (Welding Technology), Myranda Belge (Cosmetology), Megan Cash (New Vision Medical Professions), Hunter Clark (Automotive Technology), JeriAnn Eccleston (Health Occupations), Christopher Geariety (Automotive Collision), Andrew Hawley (Automotive Technology), Nathan Perry (Automotive Technology), George Schmid (Automotive Technology) and Austin Vadala (Automotive Technology).

Homer Central School District: Brett Barden (Welding Technology), Nathaniel Bishop (Welding Technology), McKenzie Brown (New Vision Environmental Science), Hiland Bush (New Vision Medical Professions), Randall Carew (Construction Technology), Harley Casterline (Automotive Collision), Robert Conger (Welding Technology), Sarah Covey (New Vision Environmental Science), Lucia Ferro (New Vision Environmental Science), Lauren Fisher (Culinary Arts), Vincent Fittanto (Computer Technology), Damon Ford (Automotive Collision Technology), Grace Gugerty (New Vision Environmental Science), Marc Harris (Computer Technology), Kiersten Hawks (New Vision Medical Professions), Charlotte Hollenbeck (Automotive Technology), Bridget Hulbert (Automotive Technology), Colton Hulbert (Health Occupations), William Loiselle (Graphic Communications), Aaron Loveless (Construction Technology), Amara Potts (Cosmetology), Tyler Purvis (Automotive Technology), Ashley Reid (Construction Technology), Gage Root (Automotive Technology), Eric Rowley (Automotive Collision), Cody Rowley (Automotive Collision), Cameron Sallis (Computer Technology), Samantha Sechrist (Health Occupations), Brittany Slater (Health Occupations), Mackenzie Vandee (Cosmetology), Brian Welch (Computer Technology), Taylar Williams (New Vision Medical Professions) and Kurtis Wothe (Computer Technology).

Jamesville-DeWitt Central School District: Nyree Mitchell (Health Occupations) and Tajanay Tearney (Health Occupations).

LaFayette Central School District: Brett Koons (Automotive Technology).

Liverpool Central School District: Alex Alessi (Culinary Arts), Brooke Barber (Career Academy Laboratory Technology), Ambrielle Beaudion (Cosmetology), Kennedy Bell (Cosmetology), Maria Brennan (Early Childhood Education), Chelsea Daniels (Health Occupations), Najala Davis (Health Occupations), Bryan Doran (Automotive Technology), Ashanti Dorsey (Cosmetology), Tyler Farley (Automotive Technology), Terrill Graham (Automotive Technology), Brendon Granger (Automotive Technology), Andrew Hazard (Career Academy Culinary Arts), Hunter Hiltbrand (Automotive Technology), Dominique LaRose (Pastry Arts), Garrett LeBlanc (Automotive Technology), Matthew Morrow (Automotive Technology), Hannah Northrop (Cosmetology), Marissa Pate (Culinary Arts), Linda Perry (Health Occupations), Kathleen Smith (Automotive Technology), Alexander Temple (Automotive Technology), Marie Vassallo (Cosmetology).

Marathon Central School District: Loyd Barker (Automotive Collision), Annamarie Bell (Cosmetology), Liam Chilson (Welding Technology), Katelyn Collins (Health Occupations), Marissa Emeigh (Cosmetology), Cera Henninger (Graphic Communications),  Curtis Ingrahm (Cosmetology), Tyler James (Welding Technology), Taylor Larrabee (Cosmetology), Bailey McCarthy (Health Occupations), Joseph Monroe (New Vision Medical Professions), Jerralynn Vogt (Cosmetology), Matthew Williams (New Vision Medical Professions) and Dayna West (Health Occupations).

Marcellus Central School District: Juliana Beratta (Cosmetology), Corey Cabrinha (Computer Technology), Gabrielle Coon (Pastry Arts), Kelsey Crysler (Health Occupations), Brooke Guernsey (New Vision Medical Professions), Alexandra Henry (Cosmetology), Joshua Kianka (Automotive Technology), Kayla Lader (Health Occupations), Matthew Morgan (New Vision Environmental Science), Alexis Nightingale-Stevens (Graphic Communications), Trayton Tanudjaja (New Vision Environmental Science), Joseph Thompson (Computer Technology), Jules Vanhelsdingen (Laboratory Technology) and Kaelee Waldref (Cosmetology).

McGraw Central School District: Taylor Bush (Health Occupations), Zoe Foster (Cosmetology), David Harvey (Automotive Technology), Jessica Newby (Cosmetology), Levi Parks (Automotive Collision), Cody Reome (Automotive Technology) and Dylan Thompson (Automotive Collision).

Onondaga Central School District: Elizabeth Murray (Cosmetology), James Otis (Welding Technology) and Jade Towne (Cosmetology).

North Syracuse Central School District: Isack Alvarado (Automotive Technology), Sarah Amato (Pastry Arts), Rachel Andreson (Health Occupations), William Austin (Culinary Arts), Austin Bailey (Graphic Communications), Brianna Beeles (Cosmetology), Matthew Caraher (Automotive Collision), Devin Coelho (Graphic Communications), Ryan Colon (Automotive Collision), Kachelah Flournory (Physical Therapy), Sarah Fogarty (Cosmetology), Nathan Gardner (Culinary Arts), Megan Gorman (Cosmetology), Dylan Hemingway (Graphic Communications), Louis Hickman (Automotive Technology), Anthony Ingalls (Culinary Arts), Corey Kenyon (Computer Technology), MacKenzie Lanaux (Laboratory Technology), Christopher Manger (Culinary Arts), Bradley Murphy (Automotive Technology), Benjamin Nelson (Pastry Arts), Brevin Nicholson (Automotive Technology), Olivia Orlando (Pastry Arts), Alicia Paul (Culinary Arts), Sidney Perks (Pastry Arts), Kristin Rogers (Laboratory Technology), Ian Saunders (Computer Technology), Zachary Smith (Laboratory Technology), Morgan Solak (Cosmetology), Jessica Sorbello (Health Occupations), Felicity Stevens (Health Occupations), Kaylee Taylor (Cosmetology), Jonathan Wicker (Laboratory Technology) and Benjamin Zellar (Culinary Arts).

Solvay Union Free School District: Joseph Barton (Laboratory Technology), Natosha Black (Cosmetology), Sierra Hassett (Health Occupations), Daniel Heinley (Graphic Communications), Brian Salvetti (Automotive Collision), Loren Scripa (Pastry Arts), Chelsea Stinson (Cosmetology) and Miya VanFossen (Cosmetology).

Tully Central School District: Matthew Amidon (Automotive Technology), Samuel Bernstein (Computer Technology), Jeffrey Cota (Automotive Technology), Ashley DuVall (Health Occupations), Lawrence Hayes (Construction Technology), Kyle Hoke (New Vision Environmental Science), Zachary Kays (Automotive Technology), Anthony Negrete (Construction Technology), Montana Patriarco (Computer Technology), Mackenzie Prince (New Vision Medical Professions), Matthew Quinlan (Construction Technology), Ashlie Schaber (Cosmetology), Taylor Soderholm (Cosmetology), Katie Spaulding (Graphic Communications), Jacob Stanton (Construction Technology) and Caitlynn Taylor (Health Occupations).

West Genesee Central School District: Celina Carrasquillo (Health Occupations), Jacob Clark (Automotive Collision), Jonathan Colombo (Automotive Collision), Taylor DelMoral (Cosmetology), Lisa Hall (Cosmetology), Lauren Kerr (Cosmetology), Chiarra Krafft (Cosmetology), Trista Kuhn (Construction Technology), Ryan Ledec (Culinary Arts), Jocalyn Renshaw (Cosmetology), Emily Stevens (Cosmetology) and Angela White (Graphic Communications).

Westhill Central School District: Shannon Conley (Early Childhood Education), Jada Cousins (Early Childhood Education), Olivia Flanders (Cosmetology) and Veniamin Ososkalo (Construction Technology).

Monday, June 15, 2015

OCM BOCES Regional Summer School Programs begin July 8

OCM BOCES 2015 Regional Summer School programs at Cicero-North Syracuse High School, Cortland Jr./Sr. High School, Fayetteville-Manlius Wellwood Middle School and West Genesee High School are taking place this summer beginning (for students) Wednesday, July 8, 2015.

Click here for additional information about OCM BOCES Regional Summer School programs.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

CNY educators are invited to attend free English Language Learner Symposium July 20-22

Associate commissioner for the Office of Bilingual Education and World Languages will keynote, address new state regulations

This summer, educators and administrators across Central and Northern New York are invited to attend, free of charge, the English-Language Learner (ELL) Symposium, aimed to provide relevant, research-based information to help them better serve New York state’s English-language learner population. This year’s event, titled "Planning for Today's Diverse Learners," will be held July 20-22 at Indian River High School, 32925 US Rt. 11, Philadelphia, NY. It will feature informational breakout sessions designed to expose teachers to scaffolding and differentiation and content area partnerships with ESOL teachers, provide valuable insight regarding ELLs, and impart tips for successful home-school communications.

"The conference offers the unique opportunity for both small and large districts to come together to learn, share, understand, and discuss areas of best practices for all diverse learners, CR-Part 154 regulations, and to offer guidance in creating a district plan to meet the needs of our English language learners and to support their families," says Barbara Zehr, director of ESOL and principal of Philadelphia Primary School in the Indian River Central School District. "We are excited to present this first time event; it is one that no educator will want to miss."

Angelica M. Infante-Green, associate commissioner for the Office of Bilingual Education and World Languages at the New York State Education Department, will keynote the symposium on July 21 and discuss the new state regulations. Breakout sessions will provide attendees with the opportunity to delve further into the regulations and ask questions. The event will also provide opportunities for district administrators to gather information as they work toward individual creation of ELL plans in their own districts.

"The ELL Symposium will be an incredible professional development experience for educators and administrators in Central and Northern New York to learn about changes to the regulations that impact our English-language learners, as well as to engage participants in learning opportunities and discussions on how to better meet the needs of our region's culturally and linguistically diverse students," says Tanya Rosado-Barringer, coordinator of the Mid-State Regional Bilingual Education Resource Network (RBERN) at Onondaga-Cortland-Madison (OCM) BOCES.

Additional conference keynote speakers include Jacqueline LeRoy, Instructional Specialist for the Office of English as a Second Language, Bilingual Education and World Languages in the Syracuse City School District; Maria Motalvo-Balbed, ASCD faculty member, Director of ELL programs for Metro RESA in Atlanta, Ga., and an education consultant with expertise in the area of culturally relevant education for linguistically and culturally diverse populations.

Registration and additional conference details are available by clicking here.

The symposium material, aligned with the new ELL requirements, is presented through the Indian River Central School District, Jefferson-Lewis-Hamilton-Herkimer-Oneida BOCES, Mid-State RBERN and OCM BOCES. The conference is free to all attendees through the generous support of the Indian River Central School District, Jefferson-Lewis-Hamilton-Herkimer-Oneida BOCES, Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD), Rosetta Stone Education, ELLevation and Mid-State RBERN at OCM BOCES.

Friday, June 5, 2015

OCM BOCES Youth Development presents summer professional development opportunities

As of January 2015, Licensed Master Social Workers and Licensed Clinical Social Workers need to earn 36 hours of approved professional development every 3 years.  OCM BOCES is now a NYS Education Department Division of Social Work approved provider.  If School Districts are supporting this opportunity for their Social Workers, then the district can run the classes through a CoSer.  There is also an opportunity for individuals to pay for classes themselves through an online registration system.

We are proud to offer the following approved professional development opportunities this summer for LMSWs and LCSWs: 

Effects of Trauma on Brain Development will take place on Tuesday, July 21, 2015 from 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. in the OCM BOCES Rodax 8 Small Conference Room. This course will provide an overview of the neurological changes associated with trauma.  Participants will identify which parts of the brain are affected by trauma, and how this manifests in symptomatic behaviors.  This course will also explore best practices in Trauma Informed Care.  The main focus of the course will be integrating Trauma Informed Practice into participants work and interactions with children.

To register for the Effects of Trauma on Brain Development workshop with a purchase order, click here:

To register for the Effects of Trauma on Brain Development workshop with a credit card, click here:

CoDependency & Boundaries will take place on Wednesday, August 12, 2015 from 12:30 – 2:30 in the OCM BOCES Rodax 8 Small Conference Room. Through this course, participants will be able to
understand the power of setting boundaries, how to set boundaries, and how critical boundary setting is in recovering from codependency.

To register for the CoDependency & Boundaries workshop with a purchase order, click here:

To register for the CoDependency & Boundaries workshop with a credit card, click here:

ADHD & Substance Abuse will take place on Thursday, August 27, 2015 from 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. in the OCM BOCES Rodax 8 Small Conference Room. Through this course, participants will gain a better understanding of ADHD, the relationship between ADHD and Substance Use Disorders (SUD’s), the functional impairments associated with comorbid ADHD and SUD’s and how treatment
can affect the relationship between ADHD and SUD’s.

To register for the ADHD & Substance Abuse workshop with a purchase order, click here:

To register for the ADHD & Substance Abuse workshop with a credit card, click here:

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Two OCM BOCES alumni inducted into Hall of Fame

Onondaga-Cortland-Madison Board of Cooperative Educational Services (OCM BOCES) has recognized the accomplishments of two alumni with their induction into the OCM BOCES Career and Technical Education (CTE) Alumni Hall of Fame. The 2015 inductees, selected by the OCM BOCES CTE Advisory Committee, are Timothy Moser '08, of Oswego, N.Y., and Jennifer Neff '93, of Marathon, N.Y. The Hall of Fame recognizes OCM BOCES alumni who exemplify leadership and success in their chosen fields.


Mosher, a multimedia specialist for Eagle Beverage Co. in Oswego, N.Y., and a 2008 graduate of the OCM BOCES Graphic Communications Program, will be honored during a Syracuse-area ceremony on Thursday, June 11, at 6 p.m. at North Syracuse Junior High School (5353 West Taft Road, N. Syracuse).

Neff, a sales manager for Cortland Produce in Cortland, N.Y., and a 1993 graduate of the OCM BOCES Culinary Arts program, will be honored during a Cortland-area ceremony, on Friday, June 12, at 6 p.m. at the OCM BOCES Education Center – McEvoy Campus (1710 NYS Route 13, Cortland).

“We have so many former students out there who have achieved great success in their careers and we want to applaud them. We also want our current students to hear about the achievements so that they can see, with hard work and an OCM BOCES education, success is within their reach,” says OCM BOCES District Superintendent Jody Manning.

After graduating from OCM BOCES and earning his high school diploma from the Baldwinsville Central School District, Mosher earned associate’s and bachelor’s degrees from Onondaga Community College and SUNY Oswego. Since graduation, Tim has volunteered his artistic skills to OCM BOCES by creating a logo for its SKATE Program and by designing banners for the Special Olympics. Additionally, he helped create graphics for the “I Love Oswego” Project.

After completing the OCM BOCES Culinary Arts program and graduating from the Marathon Central School District, Neff attended SUNY Alfred, where she graduated at the top of her class. For the past 11 years, she has worked as a sales manger for Cortland Produce. Outside of her career, Jennifer volunteers with the OCM BOCES Culinary Arts program by providing guidance and demonstrations to current students and assisting with the program’s Iron Chef competition. She also volunteers her time to her community’s Maple Festival and has been a purchasing representative at OCM BOCES for the past five years.

To be considered for the OCM BOCES Alumni Hall of Fame, individuals must be a graduate of an OCM BOCES Career and Technical Education program, must be currently engaged in a career related to their BOCES program of completion and must demonstrate leadership in their field and civic responsibility.