Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Cortland Alternative School students share stories to increase awareness about mental illness

Throughout the past year and a half, some OCM BOCES students at the Cortland Alternative School (CAS) have been participating in a unique and productive group at the direction of CAS Counselor, Sue Sperger. The group, called “SOS” (Sharing Our Stories,) was created with the goal of increasing awareness about mental illness and de-stigmatizing help-seeking behavior.

The students wanted young people to know that it is okay to ask for help. To address the issue, group members went to nearby schools in Cortland County and told their stories to their peers in Health classes. While each young person's story was different, there was one common theme of HOPE. Group members shared their struggles with the advice that no matter how tough life can get, there is always someone you can lean on who won’t judge you. 

After taking time to present their stories, the students handed out cards with their phone numbers in order for the other students to reach out for help. They also gave out bracelets with the saying “WE ARE ALL HUMAN” to serve as a reminder to the others that it is always okay to ask for help.

The following students were involved with the SOS group:
  • Brandon Slamp – Homer High School
  • Ian Petrie – Homer High School
  • Joe Vasick – Cincinnatus High School
  • Tanner Armstrong – Cincinnatus High School
  • Kayleigh Toole – Tully High School
  • Tanner Ensign – Marathon High School

Great job!

Congratulations to our retirees!

At the end of each school year, we take a moment to congratulate all of our OCM BOCES colleagues who are retiring or have retired in the past year and to thank them for their dedication and commitment to our students, districts, clients and community. We wish them well in their retirement and any new adventures that may await them.

Following is a listing of these valued colleagues with their departments and years of service.

Marie Ariola, Principal of CTE at McEvoy (7/20/90 - 5/15/15)

Cynthia Baker, Teaching Assistant at Children's Village (3/22/82 - 6/26/15)

Lisa Baker, Teaching Assistant at Liverpool High School (12/4/00 - 11/30/14)

Maryrose Balloni, Physical Education Teacher at the Lee G. Peters Career Training Center (7/3/03 - 6/24/15)

Judy Berlew, Teaching Assistant at Homer High School (9/1/86 - 6/30/15)

Joseph Catalano, Science Teacher at the Lee G. Peters Career Training Center (9/1/87 - 6/30/15)

Elizabeth Cosentino, Control Clerk at Central New York Regional Information Center (1/27/92 - 4/17/15)

Pamela Craig McNabb, Art Teacher at St. Cecilia's (8/3/81 - 6/30/15)

Pamela Dearstine, Systems Consultant at Central New York Regional Information Center (11/19/03 - 6/26/15)

Mary DeMatteo-Vitale, Teacher of the Deaf at Solvay (9/1/87 - 6/30/15)

Nancy DiNiro, Teacher of the Deaf at Solvay Middle School (9/1/98 - 6/30/15)

Sarah Discenza, Teaching Assistant at Homer High School (2/10/04 - 6/30/15)

Dennis Doyle, CTE Construction/Carpentry Teacher at Henry Campus (9/1/87 - 6/30/15)

Ann Elliott, Speech Therapist at Children's Village (9/1/84 - 6/26/15)

Rosemary Emmons, LAN Technical Support Specialist at Central New York Regional Information Center (11/13/85 - 6/26/15)

Valerie Finney, Occupational Therapist at Kasson Road School (11/2/98 - 9/30/14)

Linda Horton-Cook, Assistant Director of Adult Education at the Lee G. Peters Career Training Center TC (3/21/05 - 6/30/15)

Patricia Katz, Literacy Teacher at the Lee G. Peters Career Training Center (5/13/91 - 6/24/15)

Wendy MacLachlan, Teaching Assistant (9/1/92 - 6/24/15)

Carole Marascalchi, Speech Therapist at Children's Village (9/1/85 - 6/26/15)

Darlene McCann, Personnel Aide at Administration Building (9/3/02 - 6/26/15)

Stephen Nagen, Data Center Help Desk Supervisor at Central New York Regional Information Center (7/23/79 - 4/29/15)

Roland Nortman, Teaching Assistant Interpreter at Solvay Middle School (3/19/90 - 6/28/15)

Karen Sayers, Diversified Work Study Coordinator at McEvoy (9/30/85 - 6/30/15)

Nancy Slominski, CTE Home Economics Teacher at Henry Campus (9/1/76 - 6/30/15)

Richard Stevens, Teaching Assistant at the Lee G. Peters Career Training Center (7/1/04 - 12/23/14)

Deborah Vibbard, Special Education Teacher at McEvoy (9/1/93 - 6/30/15)

Diane Warren, Teaching Assistant at Solvay Middle School (2/7/89 - 1/12/15)

JoAnn Wojcik, Teaching Assistant at Children's Village (9/1/79 - 6/26/15)

LuAnn Young, Teaching Assistant at Children's Village (9/1/00 - 6/26/15)

Thursday, May 14, 2015

OCM BOCES Fashion Show is collaborative effort

OCM BOCES Cosmetology instructors and students held a very successful fashion show at the Lee G. Peters Career Training Center on Monday, April 20.  The event included students and staff from OCM BOCES Career Academy, Innovation Tech, Special Education and Adult Education programs, along with administration, office personnel and advisory committee members, making it a true collaboration!

Adult Education Carpentry Instructor John Sweeney and his students built a beautiful (and edgy)  arch designating the show's "runway" entrance.  A red carpet, wall and arch decorations, along with some upbeat music played by an event DJ, brought lots of excitement to the scene.

As the show went on, the school's halls filled with students and staff from the various OCM BOCES programs. Runway models were announced as they entered through the arch and walked or danced their way along the red carpet.

"The student models were clearly in the moment and very proud to be showing off their creative make up and  chosen fashions," said Linda Horton Cook, OCM BOCES Assistant Director of Adult and Continuing Education. " It was awe inspiring seeing them step out of 'student mode' and into a world that let each one shine, regardless of age or program," she added.

The idea for the fashion show originated from OCM BOCES Adult Education Cosmetology Instructor, Cindy one of her dreams!  She captured the vision, shared it, and dared to accept the challenge of making it all happen.  

"I believe this event demonstrates the true spirit of OCM BOCES. Creative and caring educators, guiding and supporting students; inspiring confidence and courage," said Linda Horton Cook.

Many thanks to everyone who supported the event and (literally) helped a dream become reality!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

More than 120 McEvoy and Henry students inducted to National Technical Honor Society

On Thursday, April 30 and Thursday, May 7, 2015, more than 120 Career and Technical Education (CTE) students from the OCM BOCES Henry and McEvoy Campuses were inducted into the National Technical Honor Society (NTHS) during ceremonies at their respective schools.

Students that qualify for induction into the technical honor society represent the “best of the best” in CTE programs. In order to be inducted into the technical honor society students must have an 85 average or higher, 12 or fewer absences from their program for the year and receive a teacher endorsement.

Students must also demonstrate attributes that include: respect, honesty, skill, responsibility, leadership, service and citizenship.

Pictured above: OCM BOCES students from the Henry Campus read the NTHS Pledge aloud after their induction ceremony.

Following is the complete list of students inducted for membership in 2015 by their home school districts. Their OCM BOCES program of studies is listed in parenthesis.

Baldwinsville Central School District: Kelsey Abelgore (New Vision Medical Professions), Julia Annacchino (Cosmetology), Dorina Cibotaru (New Vision Medical Professions), Melissa Kraus (Early Childhood Education), Skyler Lyons (Pastry Arts), Connor Oakes (Laboratory Technology), Lucas Phillips (Culinary Arts), Clinton Pierce (Automotive Technology), Andreana Reed (Culinary Arts), Cameron Sant (Construction Technology).

Cazenovia Central School District: Holly Eberle (Culinary Arts).

Chittenango Central School District: Lea Clarke (Construction Technology), Jacob Fair (Laboratory Technology), Anthony Lozipone (Culinary Arts), Leon Mandigo (Automotive Technology), Grace Nicholas (Health Occupations Technology), Brandon Zaccanelli (Media Marketing Communications).

Cincinnatus Central School District: Melanie Cass (Cosmetology), William Farrow (New Vision Environmental Science), Chelsea Gerrard (Health Occupations Technology), Daniel Ludwig (New Vision Environmental Science), Sydney Sherman (Welding Technology), Dylan Teichert (Automotive Collision Technology).

Cortland Enlarged City School District: Chelsea Breed (New Vision Medical Professions), Brooke Campbell (New Vision Medical Professions), Jonathon Darby (Construction Technology), Alizabeth Knout (Health Occupations Technology), Bogdan Kostiv (Welding Technology), Lyudmila Levitskaya (New Vision Medical Professions), Deirde Monroe (Cosmetology), Hunter Moore (Graphic Communications), Nikolai Tubbs (New Vision Environmental Science), Samantha Underwood (Health Occupations Technology).

DeRuyter Central School District: Jack DeCicco (Automotive Technology), Jack Fink (New Vision Environmental Science), Cory Marshall (Construction Technology), Courtney Randall (New Vision Medical Professions), Zachary Way (Construction Technology), Daniel Wood (New Vision Environmental Science), David Zinn (Automotive Technology).

East Syracuse Minoa Central School District: Dante Clapp (Graphic Communications), Tiffany Lewis (Physical Therapy Professions).

Fabius-Pompey Central School District: Evan Ambrose (Welding Technology), Myranda Belge (Cosmetology), Megan Cash (New Vision Medical Professions), JeriAnn Eccleston (Health Occupations Technology), Lukas Knapp (Welding Technology).

Fayetteville-Manlius Central School District: Joanna Pitcher (New Vision Medical Professions).

Homer Central School District: Brett Barden (Welding Technology), McKenzie Brown (New Vision Environmental Science), Hiland Bush (New Vision Medical Professions), Robert Conger (Welding Technology), Lucia Ferro (New Vision Environmental Science), Lauren Fisher (Culinary Arts), Grace Gugerty (New Vision Environmental Science), Kenna Hartmann (New Vision Medical Professions), Kiersten Hawks (New Vision Medical Professions), Emily Stupke (Culinary Arts), Taylar Williams (New Vision Medical Professions).

Jamesville-DeWitt Central School District: Nyree Mitchell (Health Occupations Technology).

LaFayette Central School District: Erica Wirth (New Vision Criminal Justice).

Liverpool Central School District:Brooke Barber (Career Academy/Laboratory Technology), Kennedy Bell (Cosmetology), Ashanti Dorsey (Cosmetology), Daniel French (Welding Technology), Arfasa Haley (Automotive Technology), Dominique LaRose (Pastry Arts), Fadi Shuheibar (Physical Therapy Professions), Kathleen Smith (Automotive Technology), Ryan Ward (New Vision Criminal Justice).

Marcellus Central School District: Juliana Beratta (Cosmetology), Corey Cabrinha (Computer Technology), Kelsey Crysler (Health Occupations Technology), Noah Hunt (New Vision Criminal Justice), Kayla Lader (Health Occupations Technology), Robert Mayers (New Vision Criminal Justice), Alexis Nightingale-Stevens (Media Marketing Communications), Jules Vanhelsdingen (Laboratory Technology), Isabella Wennberg (Cosmetology).

Marathon Central School District: Annamarie Bell (Cosmetology), Marissa Emeigh (Cosmetology), Cera Henninger (Graphic Communications), Tyler James (Welding Technology).

McGraw Central School District: Brooke Guernsey (New Vision Medical Professions), Jessica Newby (Cosmetology), Cody Reome (Automotive Technology), Sarah Thurley (Culinary Arts).

Caitlynn Taylor, a McEvoy Health Occupations
student from Tully High School, lights the
"Knowledge" candle at her school's
NTHS induction ceremony.
North Syracuse Central School District: Izack Alvarado (Automotive Technology), Nicholas Burgess (Automotive Technology), Matthew Caraher (Automotive Collision Technology), Emily Cross (New Vision Medical Professions), Taylor DeCook (New Vision Criminal Justice), MacKenzie Lanaux (Laboratory Technology), Justin Latz (New Vision Criminal Justice), Stephanie Lotts (New Vision Criminal Justice), Anthony Pham (New Vision Medical Professions), Andrea Poli (New Vision Criminal Justice), Nakym Reed (Automotive Technology), Kristin Rogers (Laboratory Technology), Ian Saunders (Computer Technology), Jessica Sorbello (Health Occupations Technology), Felicity Stevens (Health Occupations Technology), Kaylee Taylor (Cosmetology).

Solvay Union Free School District: Jacob Nobile (New Vision Medical Professions).

Tully Central School District: Ashley Duvall (Health Occupations Technology), Kyle Hoke (New Vision Environmental Science), Anthony Negrete (Construction Technology), Mackenzie Prince (New Vision Medical Professions), Taylor Soderholm (Cosmetology), Katie Spaulding (Graphic Communications), Jordan Spoor (Culinary Arts), Caitylnn Taylor (Health Occupations Technology).

West Genesee Central School District: Thomas Bingham (New Vision Criminal Justice), Erica Botwinick (New Vision Criminal Justice), Celina Carrasquillo (Health Occupations Technology), Chiarra Krafft (Cosmetology), Tirsta Kuhn (Construction Technology), Maura McHugh (New Vision Medical Professions), Kristen Moth (New Vision Medical Professions), Iryna Semenchuk (New Vision Medical Professions).

Westhill Central School District: Alexandra Cunningham (New Vision Medical Professions), Taylor Kramer (Career Academy/Health Occupations Technology), Kevin Young (Media Marketing Communications).

McEvoy inductees receive a purple cord to wear at graduation.

Alexis Nightingale-Stevens, an OCM BOCES Media Marketing Communications Program
student from the Marcellus Central School District, receives her certificate of induction at
the Henry Campus induction ceremony.

Friday, May 8, 2015

OCM BOCES breaks ground for new main campus

On Wednesday, May 7, OCM BOCES held a groundbreaking ceremony to celebrate their acquisition of the former Nationwide Insurance building at 110 Elwood Davis Road in Liverpool and to officially mark the building’s renovation.

OCM BOCES Board of Education members, administration and various member of Turner Construction, who will oversee the project, and Tetra Tech, who provided the renovation designs, were on hand to help break ground.

Pictured left: OCM BOCES District Superintendent Jody Manning stands (center) with (L to R) Chris Gray (Turner Construction, Manager of Operations - Syracuse), Aaron Jackson (Turner Construction, Superintendent), Ann Wright (OCM BOCES Board of Education President) and Barb Chambers (Tetra Tech, Project Manager).

The acquisition/renovation will allow some OCM BOCES programs to be moved from leased facilities into the new building, resulting in improved facilities and adequate instructional space for OCM BOCES students. Additionally, it will result in long-term savings for OCM BOCES 23 component districts.

The building will be the home of OCM BOCES administration, Instructional Support, adult education and teacher training facilities, and will be known as the OCM BOCES Education Center - Main Campus. OCM BOCES Board of Education also recently voted to officially title its other facilities with consistency:

●      The Lee G. Peters facility in Liverpool will become the OCM BOCES Education Center - Peters Campus.

●      The Charles McEvoy facility in Cortland will become the OCM BOCES Education Center - McEvoy Campus.

●      The Irvin E. Henry facility in Syracuse will become the OCM BOCES Education Center - Henry Campus.

Currently, the estimated move-in date for the OCM BOCES Education Center - Main Campus is September 2016.

Click here to view News Channel 9's story on the groundbreaking.

OCM BOCES Board of Education members and administrators at the May 7 groundbreaking ceremony.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Innovation Tech supports Vera House White Ribbon Campaign

Many thanks to the students and staff at OCM BOCES Innovation Tech High School for their fundraising efforts in support of Vera House's White Ribbon Campaign. Melody Lacayo, a Innovation Tech Student Ambassador, helped organize the fundraising efforts, which included selling wristbands and chocolate.

The efforts resulted in a $250 donation to Vera House for their annual campaign against domestic and sexual violence. Student Ambassador, Melody Lacayo, presented the donation to Vera House in April.

Congratulations and great job on a successful fundraising campaign. 

OCM BOCES STAR students at Homer Elementary learn about making healthy choices

Students in Mrs. Currie’s OCM BOCES STAR class at Homer Elementary School were recently posed with the question, "How do I make healthy food choices?"

Together in class, they learned about the food pyramid and how to use it as a tool for selecting healthy foods. Students also learned how to create a "My Plate" placemat and then had time to make their own to use at home. Their handmade creations are a reminder about portion sizes and types of food and it is hoped that they will lead to family discussions about the topics.

Students worked together on the project by first selecting informational books from the library and deciding on  the most important information. Research was shared with students throughout the school and a poster was made and displayed in the cafeteria to help others select healthy foods.

Teacher Ann Currie was pleased we the students' efforts saying, "We can identify foods from the food pyramid and select healthy foods to put on our plates. We can identify  junk food and know that we need to limit that type of food."